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5 Keys To Choose Good Bib Shorts

5 Keys To Choose Good Bib Shorts

The bib shorts are fundamental because they involve the use of a garment that, firstly, will be the area of greatest contact with other components, such as the saddle; secondly, because the bib shorts support our weight on the chamois; and thirdly, because they will involve constant rubbing of our inner legs. For all these reasons, choosing good bib shorts is essential.


Think that with a pair of bib shorts you can easily go cycling several times a week, so they'd better be good quality. So here are the fundamental aspects that you need to know and assess in order to make a definitive decision about which bib shorts to wear. 


1.The chamois is the key point in this whole equation. Good bib shorts are defined as such mainly by the quality of their chamois. In this sense, in order to know which chamois is the best, you should evaluate the following aspects.

2.If the chamois has convinced you, the second point to value about the shorts is the material, the Lycra. There are not that many types of Lycra, so you will have to decide between 4 or 5 models of Lycra in your bib shorts. That's why you should value its quality, its elastic level and the resistance it offers, so that it gives you more freedom. In this case, the extras are whether the Lycra in question is more or less breathable and whether it also incorporates sun protection, which are rarer qualities but should also be valued. There are even ceramic bib shorts for extra protection in case of falls.

3.The size of the bib shorts should be the first thing you look at, but it's so obvious that we've relegated it to the background. 

4.Gender. Don't panic. But in case you didn't know, there are men's bib shorts and women's bib shorts. 

5.The season of the bib shorts. One obvious thing, but there are winter bib shorts, summer bib shorts and mid-season bib shorts.

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